Goodbye Photoshelter

I was too expectant.


i can haz ur bizniz?

There was every reason to think that by spending, what comes out to be about one month’s worth of rent, I could somehow get my act together, grow my social network, and sell my photos just like any established photographer would.
The fact of the matter is, by simply allowing me to put prices on my digital files, I felt that people would see my work and just buy it; because assigning value denotes value, right? I now see this as naïve logic and have decided, as a business decision, to stop trying to sell photos.

Two years ago, I got serious about making and selling my photography. I bought some prime lenses that I thought matched my style of shooting, priced out whether I would buy or build a site with checkout capabilities, and took more time to go places I wanted to photograph. I even kept my day job right up to the very end, just to be sure I could “make it”. I set up shop at Photoshelter. Their dynamics, styles and features were very attractive and affordable (at the time).
It fit me.


Now with BEAM beta!  Looks good if you ask me.

I had a ball setting up my tiny “business” and updating it. Making use of all the features, updates, webinars, and articles made available by Photoshelter, I grew as a business photographer.

And yet, I sold no photos.

And then, it started to become a drudgery to process and up load and optimize and keyword and resize and post and sticky and code, all for something I was beginning to think wasn’t going to net me anything in return.
Then, I made the decision not to renew my subscription with Photoshelter and suddenly, it all became fun and exciting again.

To which I said to myself ” Really?! Come on dude.”


Rolling in the snow sounds like a better idea.

I guess I just have roll with the punches and figure out a new method.


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